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Start Eating A Little Bit Of Chocolate Every Day - This Is Why

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Do you like chocolate but stay away from it, thinking it keeps you from losing weight?

You might reconsider your view and start eating a little bit of chocolate every day!

There do exist some anti-aging foods we should be eating if we want to live long enough to bury our enemies. And aside from nuts, peppers, grains and other foods we’ve always known to be healthy, chocolate made the cut thanks to its effects on telomeres, the protective caps found at the ends of our chromosomes.

As we get older, telomeres fray and shrink, making us vulnerable to more health-related issues, and the process can go into overdrive if you’re suffering from diabetes or obesity. A diet rich in chocolate, however, has benefits, including slowing down the inevitable and lowering your risk of heart disease.

Do you have a friend who looks 25, even though she's well over 40? Or an 80-something aunt with more spunk than your 13-year-old? You probably chalk it up to good genes -- or, in the case of your age-immune pal, Botox. But, surprise, slowing down the aging process is something you have control over. It boils down to primarily one thing: your diet.

Dark chocolate doesn't just satisfy that intense craving that so many of us have, it also lowers blood pressure. That's heart-healthy news since blood pressure typically rises as you get older, increasing your risk for heart attack and stroke. Lucky for your waistline you don't need much chocolate to benefit from its blood pressure-lowering effects.

German researchers recently found that just a quarter of an ounce of dark chocolate per day (the amount in one-seventh of most chocolate bars) trimmed two to three points off hypertensive patients' blood pressure. The reason? Cocoa is rich in flavonols, potent plant chemicals that encourage blood vessels to relax, keeping them youthful, supple and pliable.

You can also add a little bit of chocolate or cocoa to your daily meals. For example:
* Stir a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder into your morning coffee.
* Sprinkle mini chocolate chips into whole-grain pancake batter for a super Saturday morning treat.
* Top your enchilada, taco, or tamale with cocoa-rich mole sauce.

Want to know about other ways of eating chocolate? Also, the reasons why it’s so good for you. Watch this video till the very end.

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