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Husky Liners Floor Mat Review - 2018 Toyota Corolla

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Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners - Front/Rear - Black by Husky Liners (Floor Mats)

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Full transcript: https://www.etrailer.com/tv-review-husky-liners-floor-mats-2018-toyota-corolla-hl99531.aspx
Speaker 1: Today in this 2018 Toyota Corolla we'll be having a look at and showing you how to install the Husky Liners Weatherbeater custom auto floor liners for the front and rear in black, part number HL99531.Now when you take a look at the floorboard on our Corolla on our driver's side, you can see how our factory floor mat didn't give us much coverage, and we still have dirt and debris underneath where we're sitting. So we'll take a vacuum and we'll remove all this dirt and debris. Now we'll take our mat and we'll slide it underneath our pedals, and we'll place it down over our factory floor mat retention hooks. We'll twist those to help lock the mat in place.The first thing that you'll notice over the factory floor mats is how much more coverage and protection that this offers. So you'll notice it goes way up behind our gas pedal and our brake pedal, offering the most coverage possible on our carpet against the firewall. It even protects our foot rest area here for our left foot.

Goes up along our threshold here with a nice raised edge. It will have this raised edge around the entire perimeter of our mat, even against our driver's seat. This'll help contain any spills that may occur. Follows all the contours of our vehicle very nicely.We have a nice heel pad here which we can use to rest our foot on as we're driving. Even has a little textured pattern to it to give us a little more grip.

We even have a nice, thicker area here off to our right for our right heel to rest on as we transition from the gas pedal to the brake pedal. This way we won't have any wear spots in our carpet underneath.These channels cover the majority of our mat, and they will help divert any water, mud, dirt, or snow away from our feet so we don't have to worry about our feet slipping off the pedals as we drive.What I really like about this mat is that we have these stay put nibs which will help dig into the carpet, and help hold it in place, so I don't have to worry about it sliding around.We'll go ahead and repeat the same process in our passenger side to install our mat. The only difference this time is we don't have to deal with our floor mat retention hooks. As you'll notice, just like on our driver's side, we have the same great features. We have the full coverage, following all of our contours very nicely, and the raised perimeter around the entire mat to contain our spills.We have the same channels to divert the water away from our feet, and a nice textured heel pad rest area that goes across the entire mat.

The mat goes way up underneath our dash, well up underneath the glove box area. So when our passengers wanna stretch out, our carpet will be protected.Here we are at our second row and you can see with no floor mats in place in the back just how dirty it gets. We'll go ahead and clean this up and put our new mat in place. For our new mat, we'll just drop it in, making sure it goes underneath our front seats and pushes up against our center console.As you'll see, even with our driver's seat all the way in the forward position right now, our floor mat still goes underneath the seat quite a bit. So this way when our backseat passengers stretch out, they'll protect the carpet underneath the driver's seat, and the passenger's seat as well.

This mat has the same features as our front mats, with our channels, the raised edge around the entire perimeter, following all of our contours nicely.Now, for our center seat passenger, the carpet is still protected underneath their feet right behind our center console. We even have this nice textured pattern so they don't slip and slide as they're getting in and out of the vehicle. Most factory floor mats don't even bother to cover for the center seat passenger, it only covers for your side passenge

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