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How To Remove Blemishes/ Edit Smooth Skin In Photoshop Tutorial

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Learn how to edit photos for clear skin in photoshop. The first step we will learn is how to remove blemishes in a photo. The second step we will learn is how to create smooth skin in photoshop.

Step one. Open image in photoshop. Ad an adjustment layer called black and white. Decrease the red adjuster to better see the blemishes and skin imperfections. This whole black and white layer is just to help you see blemishes better, you do not have to use this step. Next make sure the original or background layer is selected. Not the black and white layer. Grab the healing brush tool on the left side. Make this brush the size of your blemish and make sure to turn the softness of the brush up. Now create a anchor point by holding control and clicking on a clear patch of skin. Now simple hover over the blemishes and click to cover each one. Cover as little or as many blemishes and marks as you want to remove. One done delete the black and white layer.

Step two. Create two copies of the original image by hovering over the original background layer, right click, and choose duplicate image. Click okay and then repeat that step. Next hide the top layer by clicking the eye icon next to it. Click the second image “background copy”. Click filter at the top, blue, Gaussian blur. Blur image until the detail is gone, click okay. Unhide the top layer and click on it. Go to image, apply image, make sure to select. Copy layer-subtract- opacity at 100%, select 2 and 128. Click okay and go back to image copy layer or layer 2. Use the lasso tool to select areas to smooth. Click filter blur and Gaussian blur. Adjust to your liking then press okay and keep going until your photo is clear of blemishes.

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