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How To Attract Girls Without Saying ANYTHING

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Hey everyone! It’s Wacky Universe taking over for Talltanic this afternoon. What if I told you that it was possible to attract a girl without even having to worry about opening your mouth? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! Today we’re going to have a look at some subtle and not so subtle ways that you can attract attention from the fairer sex. Do note – we can’t help you after the non-verbal cues have done their work, you’re on your own from there.

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11 - Keep it simple
Nonverbal banter is very doable, and you can do simple things to show that you’re open for a little fun and intrigue someone that you’ve never spoken to before. A simple glance, quick eye contact and pull away is always a winner, but a quick wave and confident smile will work just as well. She may even come up to you just to check if you’ve met somewhere before and then you can open the communication from there.

10 - Energy levels up
Lack of energy is a severe turn-off, and the same for energiser bunny kind of energy. Find a balance between the two! The vibes and energy you send off can be picked up from a mile away, so if you’re sending off negative vibes, there’s a slim chance that anyone is going to approach you. So, put your sulky mood in your pocket and go and have a good time! Good vibes attract good people!

9 - Face the facts
Touching your face is said to be a great non-verbal drawcard. We’re not meaning squeezing a pimple or picking your nose, we’re meaning rubbing your jaw or scratching your chin. These small gestures draw attention to your masculine features and that’s because the lower part of your face is linked with your testosterone levels. You don’t need a perfectly chiselled jaw to do this, so get touching!

8 - Make her friends, your friends
Spend time getting to know one of her friends, just don’t let that backfire and land up getting that friend to accidentally fall in love with you. This point, of course, does entail speaking to the friend, but that can be a lot less stressful than approaching the girl you fancy. So, indirectly, you’re attracting the girl without saying anything. Making friends with her friends also gives you insight into her personality, and you’re making a new friend in the process – all good!

7 - Touching is allowed
But only playful touching! If a girl is talking to you, you can show that you’re interested by gently touching her arm or shoulder. If she’s walking ahead of you and comfortable with you, you can gently push the small of her back, if she’s keen on you too, she’ll let your hand linger there. Subtle touches are a great way to convey interest and if they’re reciprocated, then you can definitely move forward with some not so subtle hints of interest.

6 - One of the guys
If you’re comfortable with yourself and your guy friends, touch them too! Not quite in the same way as our previous post, but slap them on the back, high fives, a bro hug occasionally. Doing this shows good social status and according to the experts, dominance. Girls appreciate and notice that!

5 - Hang out
We’re not saying stalk her, but after you’ve spoken to her friends, find out places that she likes to hang out in and then occasionally head there too. Hopefully, you’ll bump into her, or you’ll bump into people that know her which is also exciting in those beginning stages of a new relationship.

4 - Step Up
There’s very little that’s more attractive than a man who can dance, and even if you’re not the world’s greatest dancer, but you’re having fun and confident enough to just be on the dance floor in the first place, you’re going to be just fine!

3 - Share an interest
Find out what she enjoys doing and if you can learn more about her hobby and show an active interest in it, then you’ve won half the battle. If the interest is genuine – even better!

2 - Read the signs
You’ve done everything in your power to send off the perfect non-verbal signals, now it’s time to see if they worked. If you’ve done everything correctly, her non-verbal signals will include flipping her hair or tucking it behind her ears while looking in your direction. Another sure sign is if she raises her eyebrows when you meet for the first time.


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