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Does Gum Disease mean Dental Implants Cannot Be Done by Dr. Adams

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Can I get dental implants if I have gum disease or periodontal disease?
dental implants gum diseaseYes. gum disease is a disease of the connection between teeth and the jaw bone. This connection is called the periodontal ligament or “PDL.” Once the teeth are removed, the disease will go away since there is no longer a PDL. If the teeth are not removed, bone will continue to be lost. It can become difficult if not impossible to get dental implants once periodontal disease progresses and precious bone is gone.

Localized Periodontal Disease vs Full Mouth Gum Disease
Periodontal disease usually will either severely damage all the teeth or just some of the teeth. The damage is done by way of severe bone loss to the point teeth get loose and fall out. The disease in the case of localized gum disease, is usually limited to the very front teeth and the first and second molars. In these cases it is usually best to remove the teeth and replace them with small permanent implant bridges. For the case of full mouth gum disease, it is best to remove all the natural teeth and replace them with full mouth implants. Full mouth implant options are generally two kinds:

full mouth dental implants such as All on 4 implants. Or it is possible to replace all the teeth with individual implants and small implant bridges.
Implant dentures or false teeth with implants
Your teeth play a vital role in your general well being. Our prime goal is to save your natural teeth at all costs. However, gum disease and periodontal disease weakens your teeth if proper cleaning and tooth brushing is not maintained. Teeth are held in position with the help of special natural fibers or ligaments. These periodontal ligaments surround your teeth from all sides and help in chewing & biting food. When gum disease starts, it can be cured with the help of simple cleaning of teeth at the dental office but if it progresses and involves periodontal ligaments to the extent that bone around teeth comes under danger, it is wiser to remove diseased teeth and place dental implants.

Maryland Holistic Dentist in Maryland specializing in holistic dentistry https://marylandholisticdentist.com/dental-implants-after-periodontal-disease/ ( 301-421-1996 ) we offer holistic dentistry, implant dentistry, safe mercury or amalgam filling removal using the IAOMT.org protocol, TMJ dentist and Oral Surgery. We look forward to serving you and your family. Maryland Holistic Dentist we use the latest state-of-the-art dental techniques & procedures including digital x-rays which reduce radiation by as much as 95%, magnification loupes, fiber optic drills, ceramic fillings & crowns, laser dentistry. You'll also never have to worry about harmful substances being placed in your mouth; we use BPA-free and biocompatible materials. We use state of the art air filtration equipment, safe mercury filling removal practices and many holistic dental therapies. We also work with naturopathic physicians and other like-minded health care practitioners.

We address problems ranging from TMJ/TMD, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sedation and anxiety free dental care to the latest in ozone therapy and other holistic dental practices. All of our services, from general dentistry and hygiene to advanced corrective procedures, benefit both children and adults. Our Doctors continually research and review independent studies, and thus choosing the most updated materials and dental treatments for all patients.
Our holistic dental services include:

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