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Dj Raedawn :: IDA USA 2018 Qualifier Round (30 different skratches styles in 2 minutes)

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Dj Raedawn :: IDA USA 2018 Qualifier Round

:: On why I chose not to phrase skratch and squish 30 or so different styles into 2 minutes to hopefully set a Skratch World Record ::

" in my ida submission I dropped double time see-saws, double time and triplet chirps, double time stabs, forwards, twiddles., 2 triplet click flares, crossrhythm kermits, a kermit, a delete, cross rhythm wahs to flares and flare-chirps ...on the slower backpackish beat I rocked wahs, 3triplet click orbits, 2 triplet click flares, 4 triplet click orbits, front side six triplet click orbit, tears, transforms and Joe coolies..plus twiddle rolls an drag drop outs throughout...(at least 30 styles.ive never seen a DJ do all those in one set.....let alone do wahs & deletes never seen any DJ do all these in one set...i call this gymnastic approach power move skratching..since it uses her little negative space....as opposed to "flow" which is all about using about 5-7 scratches using lots of negative space.......just as with bboy battles...flow is usually prioritized by purist who wanna see a dancer with some styles......west coast boys created the continuous powermove style that many judges like rocksteady hates...yet internationally....its really all about the powrermoves as it is judged in a strict Olympic format.....hopefully I qualified!..i definitely feel I killed it...yet it's usually a prerequisit to the typical phrase skratch(s) with diff samples followed by an ahh or fresh at the end....since the battle occurred during "Noaahctober" I used fresh since it lis a long sound that allowes me to fully express my vocabulary....i experimented with some phrase skratch takes....but given that it was only 2 minutes...i realized that the vast amount of negative space used in phrase scratching takes away vital time were I could prove I'm dope enough to qualify ...lastly when we see the dance quota in a gymnastics competition it's always very short to prove they have dance flow...yet the majority of their routines are power move flexing.....same with bboy battles i see...i think most judges in those areas are going by who can. Execute the most innovative styles with extra credit for unique ones with a dance flow prerequisite...i feel skratch judges will have to use this logic in the future cuz being super than another DJ is very subjective." - dj Raedawn

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