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Dandruff problems? খুশকি মুক্ত চুলের টিপস,খুশকি দূর করার কার্যকরী উপায়.Dandruff treatment

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People who have never suffered dandruff problems, people cannot find! Because it's a very common problem. New cells are made on the skin of the head and old cells are released. It's a sequence. But when the old cells cannot fall as well, then it gets accumulated and the fungus is infected. The result is dandruff. From head to white powder, dandruff and head scratching. Dandruff can be on the mind in many ways. If the skin of the head is too oily, it is easily dandruff if the hair is not regularly cleaned. This may be caused by scalp or head skin excess dry. Dangerous is also due to mental anxiety. In winter the weather is dry and dusty. As a result, the incidence of dandruff increased. Those who have dandruff problems do not have any other time, they also have dandruff problems in the winter. However, taking care of hair and head skin is possible to remove this problem. Find out some ways to remove dandruff.

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