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Cleaning Up a Scan of a Scratchboard Drawing

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I know I'm way behind the curve on this, but I just discovered how to record a process video in Photoshop!

Today, I was working on the final clean-up of the scan of my scratchboard drawing, "Mom's Orders", and it's a little more complex than many of my image files. It has lots of sections and bits of black throughout the drawing. Some time ago, I had done a rough clean in Photoshop to tidy up the background and largest sections of black, but now the file needs a thorough clean so I can have prints made. In researching a way to record the process, I came across a recommendation for Bandicam software, which works great. I also used Bandicut software to snip off a bit of video at either end of the recording. I don't have a microphone for my PC, so there's no narration. That's a project for another time.

This video shows the clean up on a small section of the drawing. One thing not shown is my cursor when I'm using the paintbrush to paint the foreground color (which is actually the background color of the drawing), and the blur tool which I use to soften any hard edges created after using the brush.

Photoshop Process:

1) zoom in tight (182%), notice in the nav window on the right, the small red square, that's the area I'm editing.

2) magic wand (tolerance set to 15) to select sections that should be black but aren't

3) modify the selection by contracting one pixel

4) clear (delete) the selection and replace with "foreground color" (black), then deselect those areas

5) clean up any other areas with the brush

6) blur tool to soften harsh edges

7) (not shown) move to the next tiny section and repeat. I'll bring in guidelines to indicate where I've already cleaned as I work through the image. I'll clean vertically, then move over one section and clean that column, etc.

The rough clean up, done prior to this video, was steps 2 - 4, selecting the main portion of the background and some of the larger background sections. In that case, I contracted the selection by 2 pixels.

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