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Best Dandruff Treatments | Medical and Home Remedies For Dandruff

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The best and proven dandruff treatments will be shown in this video. We will split this treatment of dandruff into three sections.
1. Prevention of Dandruff or its Recurrence
2. Medical Treatment of Dandruff
3. Natural or Home Remedies for Dandruff that really work.

The First thing you should know is Dandruff is harmless except if its severe like the seborrheic dermatitis or secondary infection due to excessive scratching. So Just relax and be stress free. And the good news is you can treat dandruff at home without any prescription from a doctor.

First will look into the Medical Treatment of Dandruff and then some natural cures for dandruff that work and finally important points on how to use these plus how to prevent dandruff from coming back.

So lets begin with:
Medical Dandruff Treatment: the mainstay of medical treatment for dandruff are Dandruff Shampoos.

All dandruff shampoos are not the same. There are different ingredients on medications or a mixture of two or more substances that work wonders to control dandruff.

The most important point to remember while using any anti dandruff shampoo is you leave it for atleast 5 minutes after applying it on your scalp and then rinse thoroughly with adequate amounts of water. Otherwise this may not be effective.

Also remember, the frequency of application of these shampoos depends on the severity of your dandruff.
The protocol you can follow is: please watch video.
Well now the Shampoo Formulations that are available over the counter without any prescription:

Natural Home remedies for Dandruff that work: please watch video.

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